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Phone call phishing scams

Phone call phishing scams - There are many different types of fraud and new scams are invented every day. Fraudsters often use scam phone calls pretending to be the government, IRD, your bank, your employer, or even a friend. A scam phone call is a type of phishing...

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My Username and Password have been stolen

An account breach using a stolen username and password is always on social media and the news and changing a much-used password can be annoying. It’s unfortunately a necessary part of good security practices. The rise of online scams and the frequency of data breaches...

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The do’s and don’ts of phishing simulations

The do’s and don’ts of phishing simulations - Many businesses supplement ongoing security awareness training with simulated phishing tests for the business's most targeted area: employees. A phishing simulation/test sends realistic phishing-like emails to employees to...

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