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SecureAZ provides New Zealand-based Cyber Security Employee Training for businesses, governments and Charties.

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Cyber Security Training: Your Cost-Effective Shield Against Ransom Demands. 

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Security Awareness Training:

Our Cyber Awareness Training Service provides comprehensive training for employees to ensure they are aware of the latest cyber threats and how to protect their data and your organisation from cyber attack.

Our service includes interactive and engaging topics such as email security, passwords, data encryption, social media security, and more.

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Phishing Simulations:

Our Phishing Simulation Service is the perfect security solution for organisations of all sizes. We provide simulated phishing campaigns that test your employees’ understanding of security threats, and the ability to detect and respond to them.

Our comprehensive reports provide detailed data and feedback to help you identify weaknesses and areas of improvement, so you can ensure your organization is safe and secure.

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Cyber Health Check:

Protect your business from cyber threats with our Cyber Security Health Check Service. Our team of experts will assess your current security systems and identify any potential security gaps.

We will provide a detailed report outlining any vulnerabilities and provide guidance on how to improve your security posture. With our service, you can be sure that your business is protected from the latest cyber threats.

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Making Your Staff Cyber Smart from A to Z

Educating your employees to make cyber smart decisions in a digitally connected world.

At SecureAZ, we empower and prepare employees for cyberattacks they face every day, from Email Phishing to Staying Safe Online.

We are your one-stop online training solution that makes the cyber smart journey fun and engaging.

We also offer phishing simulations, Company health checks and advanced live training sessions to test your employees’ ability to identify phishing disguised as legitimate emails.

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Enabling Cybersecurity At Every Step

Companies have staff across various departments who may not be skilled in identifying cybersecurity threats.

We aim to bridge the gap through our cybersecurity training, delivered as a one-hour crash course, or incrementally over a year.

Our training equips people to understand, cope with and prevent common cyber and phishing attacks. Take a look at what we do:

Empowering Work-From-Home Safe Practices

With the working culture transitioning to WFH, cybersecurity is more important than ever.

Have piece of mind when your employees are working from home to stop any potential risks from harming your company.

Make the Cyber Smart Choice

Cross cybersecurity awareness from your list of concerns with SecureAZ – your one-stop cybersecurity awareness solution!

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SecureAZ Cyber Security Employee Training is local

After trialing various overseas cyber security training systems, we were convinced that a local platform that used language Kiwis and Aussies could relate to would fill a gap in the market.

SecureAZ was launched in 2021 specifically to meet the cyber safety needs of New Zealand and Australian organisations.

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We’re Ready to talk about Cyber Security Employee Training and protecting your business.

We are super keen to talk NZ Cyber Training and share a demo of our products. Get in touch today.

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