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Easily Digestible Cyber Training That Works.

At SecureAZ, we bring together the best of both worlds by combining the deep knowledge of cyber security experts with the creative finesse of video production specialists. The result? Easily digestible and highly effective cyber security training content that works.

In an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving, it’s crucial for businesses to equip their employees with the right skills and knowledge to navigate the digital landscape securely. However, traditional training methods often fall short, leaving employees overwhelmed or disengaged. That’s where we come in.

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Why did we start this company?

Here’s Why:

We Have Lost Millions to Cyber Crime in NZ

This Has to Stop.

Cyber security Awareness Training NZ

Our team at SecureAZ understands that effective training lies in the power of engaging storytelling and visually compelling content. By merging the expertise of our cyber security professionals with the artistic talents of our video production experts, we create a unique learning experience that captures attention, simplifies complex concepts, and ensures information retention.

Gone are the days of dull and monotonous training sessions. We believe that cyber security training should be informative, entertaining, and memorable. Our team meticulously crafts each training module, carefully balancing educational content with engaging visuals and narratives. Whether it’s explaining the intricacies of phishing attacks or demonstrating secure password practices, we strive to deliver content that resonates with your employees and motivates them to become proactive defenders against cyber threats.

We take pride in our ability to distill complex cyber security topics into easily digestible modules that cater to a variety of learning styles. Through our meticulously crafted videos, interactive exercises, and immersive scenarios, we empower your workforce to recognize potential risks, adopt best practices, and respond effectively in real-world situations.

At SecureAZ, we are passionate about making cyber security training accessible, enjoyable, and most importantly, effective. Join us on this journey as we revolutionize the way organizations approach cyber security education.

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A Passion for business in Aotearoa.

in 2020, SecureAZ directors Sam and Tom, became increasingly concerned that not enough local businesses are taking a potential cyber security threat seriously, leaving them vulnerable to hackers.

The average company is not adequately training its employees in what to look out for in email scams (phishing) and social engineering (people taking on the identity of someone you know to perpetrate a scam).

After trialing various overseas cyber security training systems, we were convinced that a local platform that used language Kiwis and Aussies could relate to would fill a gap in the market.

SecureAZ was launched in 2021 specifically to meet the cyber safety needs of New Zealand and Australian organisations. It’s a Kiwi-owned and operated cyber security training programme that’s accessible and affordable. SecureAZ provides insights, tips and pop-up quizzes through a series of easy-to-follow short video courses. Follow-up real-world phish simulation testing verifies that employees have learned to be more alert to potential cyber threats.

The chaos that follows a cyberattack can have far-reaching repercussions, and not just financial. In the case of a hacked government health organisation, it can lead to scheduled surgeries and appointments being delayed, creating backlogs.

It can take months to fully restore services. If a business is hacked, valuable IP can be lost. A hacked organisation can be rendered literally unable to function, resulting in losses in jobs, income and credibility. Ransom demands are not uncommon before the hacked organisation can regain access their data. Critical company data can also be released to the dark web.

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