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Get a Cyber Health Check to protect your business systems and data from the latest cyber threats. Our comprehensive Cyber Health Check reviews your cybersecurity posture to identify areas of risk and vulnerabilities.

Make sure your business is up to date with the latest security measures.

What is a Cyber Health Check?

A Cyber Health Check is a comprehensive evaluation of your business’s cyber security posture. 

Our 10-domain Cyber Health Check is based on international leading practice, NIST and ISO, and is designed to protect your business from the latest cyber threats.

We’ll make sure you get actionable insights to improve your security measures and policies, address potential vulnerabilities or threats, and making measurable improvements.


Cyber Health Check - SecureAZ

Business Context

Our Cyber Health Check is tailored to each organisation’s specific business context.

We in identify unique risks that may be present due to industry, size, and operational environment.

10-Domain Cyber Health Check

We assess the current state of your business’s cyber security posture and identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities that may be present.

Experienced Team, Actionable Insights

Our team are experienced cyber security professionals, with industry certifications.

We provide actionable recommendations for mitigating and reducing cyber risk.

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Small | Medium | Large Business

The SecureAZ team certifications include CISSP, CCSP, CISM and CISA. We can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the risks and weaknesses that may exist, as well as actionable recommendations for mitigating and reducing those risks. 

From start to finish…

A Cyber Health Check is a cyber risk assessment. We provide you with our 10-domain scorecard based on your industry and individual risk score. We help you improve your cyber security posture with taylored insights in a selection of controls to treat the identified risks.

Cyber Aware Culture & Risk Management

Mobile Workforce Security

Secure Operations & Network Practices

Manage Incidents Effectively

Secure Hygiene Practices

Secure Cloud Practices

Data & Privacy Practices

Identity & Lifecycle Management

3rd Party & Compliance Requirements

Secure Development Practices

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